I teach workshops on zine making and the history and culture of zines to kids, adults, and anyone in between. Please contact me if you'd like to hire me to teach one at your school, library, rec center, university classroom, cryptoporticus, tea room, root cellar, garage, samizdat print shop, or other grassroots space.

Together with my husband,  Joseph Carlough, I host a zine library and show series called the East Falls Zine Reading Room. We have a large collection of around 1,000 zines that are in the process of being cataloged and are free to read and use for research during our events and by appointment. Past performers have included poets, memoirists, comics artists, a folk duo, a pop punk band, and a chiptune musician. Visit our website to sign up for the mailing list.

Guys, I'm in a band now. We're called A$$HOLEKNIFE, and we make experimental music that could more properly be called "collective spontaneous sound collages" or "aural space horror movies." Or just noise. Listen to our first "album" here

I am a member of The Soapbox Community Print Shop & Zine Library, a nonprofit arts organization based in West Philly, and previously served on its board of directors. The Soapbox has a studio with letterpress and screen-printing equipment for member use, and a library of zines and artists' books. We also host readings, workshops, and art shows.

With my friend Nadine Schneider, I do a blog project called Portrait of a Closet that documents what people wear and why they wear it. She takes the photos and I do the interviews.

I've been interested to watch the slow cultural transition from writing by hand to typing on a keyboard, phone, or other device, and I'm even more interested in people's varied (and strong) reactions to the change. I collect news articles and opinion pieces on the subject on my blog over here. If you come across any I haven't found, please let me know