Selected essays

"Pizzazz, or The Language of Memory." Utne, April 2014. 

"How to Make a Found Poem." The How-To Issue, August 2012.

“Cute Dress.” (pdf download) The Strumpet, Issue 1, 2011. 

“Found Things.” (pdf download) My Red Couch And Other Stories on Seeking a Feminist Faith. Ed. Claire Bischoff and Rachel Gaffron. Wipf & Stock, 2010. 

"Zines." (pdf download) The Alternative Media Handbook. Eds. Kate Coyer, Tony Dowmunt and Alan Fountain. London: Routledge, 2008. 

"The Dubliner: Dispatches From a Writer Living in Ireland." Philadelphia Weekly, 2006

"Paging Through Ireland." The Pennsylvania Gazette, Sept/Oct 2006.

"Summering With the Loons in Cape May." Philadelphia Independent, Vol. 1 No. 17, August 2004. 

"Nerds Gone Bad." The Pennsylvania Gazette, 2003. 

"I Live At Home." Utne, May/June 2002. This essay about what went down in my family after my father died. I wrote it for a now-defunct zine called Here, and it was subsequently reprinted in several publications, including a college textbook on creative writing. 

"How to Become the Media." Philadelphia Weekly, July 2001.

"Cat burglars & hustlers: The graffiti artist's creed." (pdf download) Adbusters, Nov/Dec 2001. 

In 2013 I wrote a column for the Utne Reader. It was supposed to be about "sustainable fashion," but it was more often about clothing and identity, thrift store shopping, and movies I love: Poppin' Tags: Vintage, Thrift, and the Value of Slow Fashion // Two Minutes and a Suitcase: What Would You Save? // On Grandmothers, Drag Queens, and Mending Your Clothes // The Ideabook: Vintage Fashion and Feminism // Still Pretty in Pink // Haul Videos: Postcards from the End of the World? // Girls on the Street // Pee Wee's Closet

  "Welcome to my Dollhouse."   Pennsylvania Gazette

"Welcome to my Dollhouse." Pennsylvania Gazette